4. Roadmap

The Future of the PromptNOW Marketplace

  • Integration with other blockchain-based platforms

  • Partnerships with writing and creative organizations

  • Expansion into new markets

  • Improved user interface and experience

  • Enhanced security features

Timeline for Launch and Growth


  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis

  • Develop the core functionality of the PromptNow platform

  • Begin recruiting and onboarding expert personnel


  • Launch the PromptNow platform

  • PromptNOW Token Presale

  • Begin marketing and promotional efforts

  • Establish partnerships with writing and creative industry organizations


  • Refine and improve the PromptNow platform

  • Increase marketing and promotional efforts

  • Explore new revenue streams


  • Launch the NFT-based revenue model

  • Increase engagement with users

  • Develop and launch new features and services


  • Expand the user base and transaction volume of the PromptNow platform

  • Explore new partnerships and collaborations

  • Develop and launch new premium features or services


  • Evaluate the performance of the PromptNow platform

  • Identify areas for improvement

  • Continue to grow and scale the platform

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