3.1 Revenue Stream

PromptNOW generates revenue through the following models:

  1. Commission-based revenue model for the PromptNOW Marketplace:

  • A commission is taken from each transaction made on the marketplace.

  • The commission percentage varies depending on the type of prompt, transaction volume, and other factors.

  • This revenue stream is sustainable because it is generated by the core activity of the platform, which is the buying and selling of prompts.

  1. Fee-based revenue model for the PromptNOW Engineer feature:

  • A negotiated fee or commission is taken on each custom prompt created by an Engineer.

  • This revenue stream is sustainable because it provides a valuable service to clients who are looking for highly skilled Engineers to create custom prompts based on their specific needs and preferences.

  1. Subscription-based revenue model for premium features:

  • Premium features or services are offered to users for a subscription fee.

  • This revenue stream is sustainable because it provides additional value to users who are willing to pay for premium features or services.

  1. NFT-based revenue model: PromptNOW can create and sell unique NFTs based on its prompts and other creative content. These NFTs can be bought and sold on blockchain platforms, and the revenue generated from the sale can be shared between PromptNow and the creator of the content that the NFT represents. The creation and sale of NFTs can provide a new and innovative way for PromptNOW to engage with its users and promote the platform, while also generating revenue for the creators and for PromptNOW itself.

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