1. Introduction

Generative AI Prompt Marketplace

PromptNOW.ai provides a platform for creators to enhance their productivity by offering top prompts, reducing API costs, and enabling them to sell their own prompts on a marketplace (PromptNOW Marketplace). Additionally, PromptNOW.ai allows creators to generate PromptNOW NFTs that offer privacy features while being hosted on public blockchains.

Meanwhile, PromptNOW Engineer attracts the top prompt engineers and when the community has any ideas, they can come to Prompt Engnieer to turn their ideas into real without commission and time.

Through the creation of PromptNOW NFT, creators can encrypt private information using a symmetric encryption key obtained from the decentralized PromptNOW Network. To access the original content, the token holder must prove ownership of the NFT to the network and obtain a decryption key to decrypt the data.

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